Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heartiest congratulations to A.R. Rehman...

I know I've been late in posting this... But better late than never.
A.R. has won pairs of Oscars... A deserved honor who's filled life into films through his melodious music always consistent with film's theme. It made movies like Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, Roja, Swades, Dil Se, Slumdog Millionaire, Jodhaa Akbar (er... I lost count of films with his scores, the list's pretty big) express more strongly. Personally, I feel his previous scores (especially Rang De Basanti, Dil Se) were surely better than Slumdog's.
It was one of the charming event of 2009.


  1. Hi PointSingularity86

    I really enjyed Slumdog even the essential "Bollywood" dance at the end.

    Its funny that the Australian game show "To Be a Millionaire" was exactly the same as India's - down to the strobe lights, quick musical clips and the same kind of wiseguy compere.

    Slumdog was big and well received in Australia. I think it gives a more, sophisticated view of the "real India" than "Gandhi" over a decade ago.



  2. Hi Pete,
    Thanks for commenting...
    I fairly liked the movie, but probably thought it could've been better. Though the storyline was fairly different. It had a feel, more or less of a Bollywood film.
    I agree your views that film shows complex socio-economic condition. It's fairly common sight to see MNC next to slums.
    About Gandhi, we all do have atleast some part of him in us, don't we?

  3. Yes Gandhi had the best vision, the pursuit of peace. How to achieve peace becomes the harder question - in a world where there is no shared aim of peace.

    So it takes all sorts of people to make a world Gandhi emphasized peace non-violence but such measures would not have prevented a cruel Japanese takeover of India in WWII.

    BTW My Grandfather was in the British Army in Delhi for about half of WWII.


  4. I "didnt mind" slumdog M.. thats all i can say about the movie..

    i absolutely love the Hex Profile Desc @ ur blog.. love it!