Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Legend of Tendulkar...

Atlast watched the Tendulkar 200 innings... and god it was utterly delightful :)
No slogging, pure symphony, the bat caressing the leather ball to boundary.
Never have I seen such a beautiful artist.
Personally, its hard to focus on any work when he's batting around (and that maybe story for others too)
I recall, while returning home on that day, when he was on 193, most people just ceased to do their chores and crowded wherever they could get to see the tv, and roared once he got past 194 and then jubilation for 200... What a sight it was, busy road going dead silent suddenly. Such is his legend... Play forever!!!
There are only two ways to stop time, either you travel inside a black hole or you see Sachin get closer to his century!
Alas, couldn't see it live :(


  1. So is this game cricket? ;)

  2. I think so Pete... In rest of sports we are pretty ordinary (Losing to you guys' in Hockey WC at time of commenting :(
    I hope T20's replace ODI's so that his record is never broken :P

  3. Looks as though Australia is due to play Pakistan in Hockey today's_Hockey_World_Cup

    I'm confident most Indians would want Australia to win?

  4. ummmmmm... most will be happy to, I guess. But still difficult to say, its completely different when it comes to culture. Simply, its complicated :)
    Plus, there's mutual feeling of tiredness to see Aussies always win in sports :P

  5. What about the 100 Pathan hit yesterday? in the IPL match? i wish he wud play like that when he plays for India and not for Mrs. Raj Kundra :P

  6. btw, blogrolling u. sorry for the delay :)

  7. I dint get to watch it :(((
    Neo sports not available at the moment.
    Inshallah he'll play same for India same way... :)
    He just has to play enough one dayers and try not get injured!

  8. Ping Ping... where art thou?